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Outras imagens divinas!!!!! Agora me
diz : o que e esse cabelo maravilhoso,
esse vestido que parece foi feiro no
seu corpo. E esse colar gente? E a
bolsa? Eu vou e dormir porque assim
fico cheia de minhoca nessa cabeテδァa.

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lo esperaba, pero me alegro por ti,
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Wow that dress is incredible! Looking
for something similar myself for a
friends party of 'posh
vintage' theme!Had no idea you
were a West Midlander! I live in
Birmingham :)x

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you can shake a stick at. I’m
enthralled by it. I love how
Helen’s dad drove her to the
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her away again. It’s not just
that it’s a beautiful vehicle,
quirky and fun but it’s also so
profoundly symbolic and meaningful.
Fantastic. The wedding. The
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