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  #1 NfarHRVVf homepage: geschrieben am: 04.07.2016 - 03:59

How do you choose which people to
believe, anyway? Regarding global
warming, you go with a Harvard string
theorist and on Iraq you go with some
random freelance journalist? Is there
any methodology beyond seeking out
maverick voices that you want to
believe?I’m not trying to be
snarky here. It’s just
frustrating for me that you always
have some random guy, way out of the
mainstream, that happens to agree with
your idiosyncratic take on things.
(And by l0;a2ways,⁙ I admit
I mean “at least on these two
subjects. )

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I guess I should try and follow rules
a little better… I didn’t
say what I’m most looking
forward to in Spring 2013….
besides #gardenchat (and all the other
great chats), I would have to say
doing land/property research, so I can
finally get my dream of a #homestead
off the ground.

  #4 6HcmZ5fbu homepage: geschrieben am: 17.09.2016 - 06:25

Deep thinking - adds a new dimension
to it all.

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Hej Jannike!låter som en härlig
dag, rätt inställning, jag
skulle måla utetrappan men får
ju glatt tänka om.Fin blogg, och
kul att hitta dig.Må så gott

  #7 zclbq2W7bGmP homepage: geschrieben am: 25.09.2016 - 20:32

MarkMe again. flashing LennoxRecovery
via clockworkmod on my OneX I
getassert failed:
==”mione_plus” ¦¦
getprop(”) ==
“mione_plus”error in
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more..can you help?thanks

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hola,nos gustaría ir de
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meses.mi esposo tiene 49 y a
demás de ser diseñador
gráfico,informático, es
fotorreportero.Yo tengo 50 años
y he trabajado por más de 20
años en el ámbito social
en diferentes Administraciones
PúblicasManuela y Jose Luis

  #9 A8EpuNevzY homepage: geschrieben am: 06.10.2016 - 21:04

Once you pay the taxes it is no longer
your money. You get your say in how it
is spent at the ballot box. Really?
Which voter approved his government
diverting his taxes to sterilize poor
people in India? Can you show me the
ballot that question was on or the
debate that decided that issue?

  #10 ngUI7RsfYY9e homepage: geschrieben am: 08.10.2016 - 21:20

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Gray: Watergate, Abscam, Iran-Contra,
the S&L scandal, the Iraq War.
These are just the biggest things
brought to us by the wisdom of the
people, and their chosen candidates.
One can always point to excesses, but
again: Stevenson, Dewey, and Goldwater
were far superior to primary winners
like Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and Bush.
And, where have the Roosevelts,
Trumans, and Lincolns gone?Who thinks
the four named primary winning
Pres’s were good?

  #12 ASSvYyzHYuNK homepage:ünstigsten-kle geschrieben am: 23.10.2016 - 19:37

I think me and Sue need to come to the
UK and have a Suesday! I don't
think I ever set foot in one when I
lived there! Such a waste! :( Awesome
finds there lady!

  #13 96naxTW9Wq2 homepage: geschrieben am: 27.10.2016 - 14:50

This of course leaves out the fact
that if any third-party candidate got
5% of the votes, they would then get a
cut of the Presidental Election
Campaign Funds (PECF, this election
year each candidate got $91,241,400 to
run their campaigns.) I’d love
to take that money away from the two
parties we have now and get it into
the hands of a third party, making
them a viable third party in the 2016
election year.Or we could all let the
two party system continue to rule the

  #14 XJ8zIBdNV homepage: geschrieben am: 29.10.2016 - 05:04

Wow, this is incredibly encouraging!
Thank you for sharing this. It truly
is amazing what God can do when things
seem like they’ll never change.
Have a blessed weekend with your
family! Hooray!!!

  #15 Orm8bLGZ5 homepage: geschrieben am: 30.10.2016 - 02:06

Joel,Thanks for sharing your story.
For a long time I saw Orthodoxy as
distant and strange but when I began
to understand what it was saying then
the tension within me started to rise.
All this took about seven years.
About 4 to 5 of curiosity and about 2
of serious wrestling with the issues.

  #16 AXamnSv4D homepage: geschrieben am: 30.10.2016 - 05:15

they say the queen wheighs more than 2
cars that’s alot of tons. Surely
in real life her arm would of been
torn out of her socket and they both
would be in space

  #17 s5HVGWqqtD homepage: geschrieben am: 01.11.2016 - 14:42

TODAY, however.  I’m going to
show you a couple of Behind the Scenes
Shots from this past summer — a
session over at Disney’s Yacht
& Beach Resort with one of my
favorite lil’ families (and a
BFF from High School) – Sandi,
Rob & lil’ Serenity.

  #18 ag5u6rZnvOY homepage: geschrieben am: 03.11.2016 - 00:24

With video link annotations is there a
way to make the link open another
browser window instead of go to the
link in the same window. I think when
a video is embedded the browser
launches another window. You do this
when links are in the video

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  #23 Gga2CPUxRCWd homepage: geschrieben am: 15.11.2016 - 23:56

Strategia adoptata de Ponta e veche la
noi : ” Hotul striga : Hotii !
” Cu asa un Premier cum sa nu ne
ducem de rapa ? Cine seamana samanta
de intriga credeti ca va putea recolta
ceva comestibil ? Sau poate vreti sa
ne intoarcem (daca nu cumva am facut-o
deja) la “Trandafiri votati ,
terndafiri mancati” ? ! Cum iti
asterni asa vei dormi romane ! Dar mai
bine destepta – te si vegheaza !

  #24 GdIYkJyU1EY homepage: geschrieben am: 16.11.2016 - 10:08

NJ, I'm so happy you enjoyed the
book! Thank you for telling me you
related to it -- when I wrote it, I
was hoping it would be a story people
could relate to. Wishing you a Merry
Christmas as well and hope your day
was very happy and your New Year is
full of surprises & joy!

  #25 WDVf3YB1D homepage: geschrieben am: 21.11.2016 - 13:17

I find it fas­ci­nat­ing that
while we Amer­i­cans are
ignor­ing our basic rights, there
are those halfway around the globe
that are express­ing their views
legally for the first time in half a
cen­tury. Say it loud and clear: I
am a Sunni, I am an Iraqi and I voted.
Today I can walk tall, I can say I
am Iraqi with a proud not only because
I voted but also I fought against
ter­ror­ist with my vot­ing
bal­lot. I stepped out the car,
the vot­ing cen­ter was on the
other side of the street, young Iraqi
teenagers were

  #26 Ng6Wy8ff4 homepage: geschrieben am: 26.11.2016 - 16:04

Thanks so much for sharing this. I
couldn’t make a booking for this
one and felt left out. Your post makes
me feel like I didn’t completely
miss out on this //Cities. I liked
riding in the open air truck in the
Factory tour.

  #27 DSJytfTa4 homepage: geschrieben am: 27.11.2016 - 07:52

Ahahahah c’est tout à fait
ça ! Franchement je ne sais pas
jusqu’à quand ça va
durer… Après la gauche il y a
quelques années, c’est au
tour de la droite de se tirer dans le
pied… Comme si on avait besoin
de ça en tant de crises,
c’est comme si nos politiques
ne se souciaient que de leur petit

  #28 u4nQVhkw9Ued homepage: geschrieben am: 27.11.2016 - 08:54

I love bookstores too, especially when
I’m there on my own or with my
hubby, NO KIDS. Nice to be able to
just browse and take as long as I
want.LOVE the quote on your kitchen

  #29 GYZYDqLeLBnc homepage: geschrieben am: 30.11.2016 - 13:13

Over at Aspen Highlands, CO we were
likewise throwing down on the blades
at the Fallen Friends Memorial (very
much like the PMS). Backflips on the
blades definitely won out the crowds
hearts. Rapelling down cliff-faces is
way more extreme tho. Nice work guys.

  #30 sEcNHQkL homepage: geschrieben am: 03.12.2016 - 01:29

Stands back from the keyboard in
amazement! Thanks!

  #31 gI9GIVGz0fP homepage: geschrieben am: 07.12.2016 - 09:12

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Battlefield 2. Great for when u need
to move around quicker, such as in a
tank. If you go as a sniper, and need
to some accuracy, you simply slow it
down. Would I do it all over again?

  #32 agNqqD6dQt6 homepage: geschrieben am: 09.12.2016 - 19:09

Muchas gracias a ti también que
eres la artista!! Fue un detalle
precioso del mejor novio del mundo!!
Estaban tan buenas, que me las comí
todas!! (menos las del cuadro, que las
guardo con mucho cariño)Gracias a
ti y al amor de mi vida fue un
aniversario inolvidable!bsicos!

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my call: Do you want a Motorola Droid
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  #34 NBUBh5qK39H homepage: geschrieben am: 14.12.2016 - 23:23

Y una mina no puede ser rica y linda a
la vez? Acaso es imposible tener linda
cara y bien forro y tener tema de
converación, intereses y opinión
propia? Por qué las separan en esas
2 categorías? Yo creo que es
súper posible ser ambas.

  #35 oA5DVJeQDfA homepage: geschrieben am: 21.12.2016 - 23:37

that she’d been caught out as
well. Another family had been
‘done’ and were totally
accepting of it. It was the lies
about the value of the notes that got
my back up though I suppose. But yes,
they sure were looking fearful when I
was sorting them out LOL

  #36 3pOkvs3X homepage: geschrieben am: 04.01.2017 - 11:10

All the blighted houses on the
city’s list should get this same
council treatment, then in due time be
demolished, and the appropriate liens
instated. Last time I remember
there were four or more, including
Prescott. Do it and move on.
It’s not like Lincoln visited
there or anything. We already pay
for one of those.

  #37 5M8b2xsh7To7 homepage: geschrieben am: 08.01.2017 - 01:19

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—•× ×”,
ה לי
ה על

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Art,"Trade-off: When there's
a bunch of rain and you're gonna
do a long trip, over-inflate your
tires."Yup, I used the free air
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before I set off. :)

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  #42 2GjkrqiVp homepage: geschrieben am: 29.01.2017 - 20:58

Quickpic non plus ne pivote pas les
image pour de vrai…Je
m’explique :Soit une photo mal
orienté.1 Je l’ouvre avec
“Album”(sur Android 2.1),
elle et mal tournée… normal.2
Je l’ouvre avec un utilitaire
genre Quickpic, justpicture… je
l’oriente comme il faut, cela
semble marché.3 Je l’ouvre
à nouveau avec “Album”
et surprise… elle est toujours
mal orienté…J’ai
loupé un truc ?

  #43 hC3Hw8X0XQS homepage: geschrieben am: 30.01.2017 - 18:55

Hej. Min tioåriga dotter har blivit
rädd att sitta upp efter olika
mindre incidenter och jag famlar nu
lite i blindo för att få
hjälp.Michaela har en egen ponny
som är 4 år och snart är det
Dax att rida. Hon vill så innerligt
och vill i te höra talas om att
sälja honom så då
återstår att övervinna
rädslan …Tacksam för
kontakt och en dialog. Med vänlig

  #44 dJVrnTb8e homepage: geschrieben am: 31.01.2017 - 01:17

sur la video de ce " missile
" ont le voit disparaitre dans
une sorte de spirale , un peu comme en
norvege , je sais pas ce que c'est
, mais ça me fait pensera une sorte
de technologie qui aurait "
avaler " cette " chose

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I would love to start a barefoot
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  #46 6hhTw0Aa35 homepage: geschrieben am: 01.02.2017 - 22:15

Oh, c’um on youse guys,
EVERYbody knows the BP rig fire was an
inside job done by that non-American
Muslim baby killer occupie-ing the
Whitehouse.Obama is sending in the
SWAT teams (Swahili Watusi Angolan
Terrorists) to take over the Gulf oil
production rigs.

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You really saved my skin with this
information. Thanks!

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grilled cheese sandwich the next day)
*thanks uncle Mark! ps don’t
forget to enter the sneakpeeq
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  #50 VVYUoGGjPI homepage: geschrieben am: 17.02.2017 - 00:57

The shiny and dry. The maze and the
cheap food. It’s a strangely
tempting place even though I
don’t gamble and do notice the
zombies around.

  #51 pJ04gm1St3 homepage: geschrieben am: 17.02.2017 - 01:38

My Garmin 305 just up and died (and
efforts to revive it have, so far,
been unsuccessful). So based on your
very thorough review, I just ordered a
Soleus! I wish that there was a
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  #52 e8kXuc73oHFS homepage: geschrieben am: 22.02.2017 - 21:16

Posted on W Asasynie zatrzymalem
sie na czesci drugiej (te skonczylem).
Nie gralem w Brotherhood i
Revelations, ale z powyzszego tekstu
ni huhu nie wiem o co chodzilo Tak
czy inaczej wlasnie trojeczka laduje w
konsoli, odpalam…

  #53 89Qcjq5s homepage: geschrieben am: 24.02.2017 - 11:05

2366; और
आभार ...!!

  #54 q7BcDh6KXIL1 homepage: geschrieben am: 25.02.2017 - 03:25

“You see it is you …
“You see it is you whom
is illiterate.” LOL! The
truth is the people you are talking
about were defrauded by the banks, who
will get off scot free while their
victims are left to take the fall,
quite literally. It’s like
saying the victims of muggers should
be left to suffer their injuries while
the thieves are rewarded. Somehow I
don’t think either moron or
NITWIT fit your case, it’s more
like brain dead. Was this answer

  #55 qvb13uLG homepage: geschrieben am: 25.02.2017 - 16:39

¯ من 2009
« جديد

  #56 n1orCcEC6t homepage: geschrieben am: 25.02.2017 - 18:25

It took me all long time to figure out
“NGD” and
“NPD” as well.
“IMO” is another short
hand that I didn’t figure out
for awhile. I still don’t get
why people spell out their e-mail
addresses. For example: name at
hotmail dot com. Since we are
admitting things we don’t
understand, maybe someone can explain.

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I wish I knew how the photographer got
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Using a regular climbing harness to
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You are so awesome for helping me
solve this mystery.

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Heck yeah this is exactly what I

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Holy concise data batman. Lol!

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  #65 4nfB3puwI homepage: geschrieben am: 12.03.2017 - 14:51

David: From what I can tell, the rumor
was started on that website, yes. And
I do believe it is a site that does
have some neo-Nazi supporters. So I
guess that means that Charles Johnson
is using neo-Nazis as a primary
source, according to his own
standards.I have to wonder who planted
that idea, though. "Planted"
is the right word here. It happened
awfully fast.

  #66 JptEdbpbTy homepage: geschrieben am: 14.03.2017 - 08:17

Hey, good to find someone who agrees
with me. GMTA.

  #67 9BrjVxJPf homepage: geschrieben am: 19.03.2017 - 05:02

Wow, your post makes mine look feeble.
More power to you!

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A little rationality lifts the quality
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Hi Jenika:Glad to see you fire up your
site again after so very long.
Can’t wait to see some of your
big city shots.Love,David

  #72 LXolRjbgP7p homepage: geschrieben am: 28.03.2017 - 05:56

This website makes things hella easy.

  #73 jwwjBOq6 homepage: geschrieben am: 28.03.2017 - 11:17

This is what we need - an insight to
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wrap your hair at night with bobby
pins and a silk scarf/use a silk
pillowcase. a lot of black and latina
girls do this, its kinda hard to
describe but it works! (basically use
your head like one big roller and
brush your hair around it)

  #80 QTy6SVwCg1M homepage: geschrieben am: 11.04.2017 - 12:39

it is always due to a combination of
factors: acting, looks, charisma,
voice, and script (Skully’s
piece about “the character of
desire” is very interesting in
this light), never superior acting
alone. So I understand why an actor
who owes his success at least partly

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Ahhh… the game begins:In other
words, whatever happens, this is a
relatively important story to
follow.We are 4 days into the
offseason, and Brett already has us
wrapped around his finger, refreshing
furiously for the latest news and
rumors. Life on a Cubs blog in the
offseason at its best

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Going back to high school, Carmelo has
always gotten the best of LeBron
James. (head to head victories, etc.).
Even last season he beat the cavs with
some nice buzzer beaters.How cool
would it be if the Lake Show somehow
signed Carmelo Next summer?Err sry,
was day dreaming for a bit. DAMMIT! I
was really hoping to quit my NBA
addiction this year. Oh well,
there’s always next, next

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No, I’m just surprised there are
so many fucking retards here. .
“Quit defending Bieber you
faggot.”. He wasn’t
defending him he was telling you
idiots to shut the fuck up..
“You don’t? even deserve
to comment on one of eminem’s
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dick sucker it’s you
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don’t you motherfuckers open
your eyes and learn some basic reading
comprehension skills before you like
some ignorant dumbass’s comment.

  #85 yG0dadtlNbH homepage: geschrieben am: 23.04.2017 - 23:02

Another request: When you see the
S&W guys (although for all I know
about MA, they are your neighbors),
would you please let them know if they
would begin making the 940 again, I
will personally buy enough of them to
cover overhead?Don't tell them
I'm lying.

  #86 ZsbRznz1 homepage: geschrieben am: 29.04.2017 - 10:20

35-45-55-60-65-70(fail).Ihan nyt
suoraan sanon että kyllä
v*tuttaa! Toi vika vaan nyykähti,
ei voinu mitään.No, on
sentään tässä siihen
edelliskerran katastrofiin 15 kiloa
parannusta, mutta lokakuun pr pysyy
voimassa. ***kele!!!(Mut hitto että
meillä on kyllä vahvoja naisia!!
No, ootte te äijätki ihan jees

  #87 kfL07JcX homepage: geschrieben am: 03.05.2017 - 17:28

ooh, looks like a fabulous weekend!!i
hate v-day... it's so commercial,
i think little gestures mean so much
more when they come on a random day,
not when everyone else is. but
that's just me :)

  #88 3Jumlmkzdt homepage: geschrieben am: 09.05.2017 - 20:49

, this was the first week in years
that I've done WW that I
didn't feel like I was obsessively
starving myself. 19 points a day was
pretty rough on even the most
healthy-eating girl, once you
calculated in a couple of pieces of
fruit and a glass of milk. 29 points
seems almost decadent.

  #89 AXtxdUmS9MT homepage: geschrieben am: 12.05.2017 - 23:05

In order to get a flat stomach…a
clean eating diet and continued
exercise is a must. The 7 day
challenge is an excellent kick start
toward a toned and defined tummy.

  #90 bGQRw7eUQ homepage: geschrieben am: 25.05.2017 - 11:25

som andra lönestrukturer passar
bättre använder dem är det
ungefär vad vi kan vänta oss.
(Se här.)  Och det är inte
fel att betala ut bonusar bara för
att företaget går med
förlust. Om

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